A Week of music…..

This week Year 3 attended a ‘Music festival’ at Dunmow St. Mary’s School. The children had an amazing time, learning various different dances and rhythms. We had a go at playing the steel drums and some African drums. It was an amazing opportunity to work alongside other children from various different schools within the local area. The children behaved impeccably, which was lovely to see.

In Maths we have turned our attention to ‘Measurement’ and Length. We are converting measurements from mm to cm and then metres. For those who are secure with their place value knowledge they are more confident with this, for others it is an opportunity to try their best to grasp this concept.

In Literacy, we have been looking at descriptive writing based on ‘Rivers’. The children are using some adventurous vocabulary, however they now need to be checking that these choices make sense rather than overloading their sentences with adjectives. We will continue to work on this as we move into next week and ‘Persuasive writing’.

As it was STEM week this week, on Tuesday years 3,4 and 5 joined forces for a wide range of different activities. Each class Teacher delivered a different workshop based on our ‘Diverse Planet’. Miss Branford looked at transport and using different materials to make rafts. Mr Evans looked at materials and those more suitable to insulate liquids. While I explored humans and our tastebuds. We painted our tongues blue and then counted how many fungiform papillae we could see with our eyes. We then classified ourselves as ‘Non tasters’, ‘Tasters’ and ‘Super tasters’, identifying how diverse we are as humans.

In our experience lessons, we have been looking at the features of ‘Rivers’, identifying the source, tributaries, mouth and streams. This will continue into the rest of this term where we start looking closely at the River Chelmer.

A Week of Wonder….

This week has been filled with “Wonder” and appreciation for things and people that we take for granted. As part of World Book Day celebrations, the whole school has taken part in a Wonder Week with inspiration taken from the book Wonder written by R.J. Palacio. The children have simply loved all the activities associated with the book and hopefully, fingers crossed, the kindness shown in the book will continue to run throughout the whole class and more widely, the whole school.

We have written diary entires from the perspective of 2 very different children whose perception of “Auggie” differs immensely. It was lovely to see the children offering very valuable ideas as to how best to deal with different scenarios and they thought very carefully about different ways to ‘Be kind’ to others in our beautiful artwork.

In Maths, we have been looking at ‘Measurement’ during our sessions, the children have been recording the length of various different objects and converting between mm, cm and M. Next week, we will continue to work on this concept and then look at problem solving involving measurement.

On Thursday, it was World Book Day and it was lovely to see the children all dressed as their favourite character from a book. The children loved participating in various different activities based on different books and then took part in our sponsored read. After the initial few minutes passed the children then seemed to love this opportunity to read a good book and time flew as they delved deeper into their good book.

A wet and wintery start….

Its certainly been a wet and windy start to the new term. As we launch our next experience, ‘Neptune’s Class Flood defence’, it seems appropriate that we have had so much rainfall and lots of wet playtimes this week.

In Literacy we have been looking at Calligrams – Shape poems and the children have loved exploring these poems, their creative writing has certainly come a long way since the beginning of the New Year. For those children who have embraced the ‘Monthly reading challenge’, we have certainly noticed an improvement in their overall pace, fluency and intonation and this is lovely to see. It is starting to show in their writing too and this was always the intention. With World Book day on the horizon it is important that the children continue to develop their love of reading. I can’t wait to see their costumes next week.

In Maths, we have started to look at “Statistics’ this includes Pictograms, Tally charts and Bar Charts. The children have loved recording information in Tally charts and some can draw a beautiful Bar Chart, with clearly labelled axis. The children could benefit with practicing how to use a ruler correctly and this will continue into next week as we begin to look at length.

In our experience lessons we have started to look at the different food groups needed to keep us healthy. We will continue with this theme as we start to look at different food chains.

A well deserved break…

This week Neptune class have been working incredibly hard! We have completed our Stone Age stories, rehearsed for our assembly, completed Science experiments, rehearsed some more for our assembly, performed our dance in PE and then finally delivered our Assembly to the whole school.

I think you’ll all agree that this was a great success. The children should be very proud of what they have achieved and how far they have come since joining Year 3. I know that I am very proud of them! Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Dunmow Broadcast as you may see some familiar faces!!

In Literacy, we have edited and written up our stories inspired by Stone Age Boy and the children have loved reading them aloud.

In Maths, we have continued with Money and the children have tried hard to think about the correct change required when pretending to purchase items. Please could you continue to support your child with this at home over the holidays if the opportunity arises.

The children have been fascinated with their soil experiment and have thoroughly enjoyed shaking their bottles to disturb the different layers of soil.

There will be no formal spellings set for the week that we return to school, as we will be testing the children on those words that they have previously been set.

Enjoy the holidays!!

A special delivery…..

This week has been super exciting in Neptune class! Our long awaited Blue Peter badges have finally started to arrive…. One young lady was so excited at dismissal as her Mum had made a special effort to bring along the post that had been delivered that day, whilst she was at school. She opened the envelope, whilst standing in the playground and sheer delight spread across her face. Secretly, I’m very green with envy! but I am very pleased that they have started to arrive!

In Maths, we have started to look at Money. This is something that you could help your child with at home as nowadays we don’t use ‘real’ money to purchase things and then have ‘change’ given to us.

In Literacy, we have started to think about our own story based in the Stone Age. This will continue into next week, before we finish the week with a big write.

In Science, we have been looking at the different rock formations using ‘Starburst’ sweets. This proved to be a very interesting lesson!

Photos will follow….. but I am having problem with uploaded photos/images. Sorry!

Stone Age pouches

This week has been a very productive week! We have completed maths assessments and started our new unit of literacy, to inform the reader, based on 2 different books that are similar in their context. Stig of the Dump by Clive King, a children’s classic, and Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. Both stories have a ‘Stone Age’ theme yet the use of language within varies dramatically. It is the use of adventurous vocabulary that we will be focusing on for the next few weeks as we move closer towards half term.

In Maths, we have been scaling and looking at various systematic approaches to problem solving. The children have enjoyed making resources to help them with their thinking.

In our experience lessons we have been learning how to sew. Running stitch, half stitch and cross-stitch. We have evaluated bags and pouches and then designed our own. Today we had an extra set of hands to help us with our needle threading and rethreading! We have produced a fine set of Stone Age themed pouches ready to show you all in our assembly before half term.

In addition, our footballers came 1st today in their tournament and Mr Evans was bursting with pride as they arrived back into school before the end of the day. Well done boys!

A shocking discovery!

This week Neptune class turned ‘Reporters’ when we had our very own Stone Age discovery in the courtyard. We unearthed a replica human skull complete with a hand axe from the Stone Age. The children then used their notes to turn this incredible find into a Newspaper report. Today the children have finished writing up their Newspaper reports and the progress in their handwriting is so lovely to see.

In our experience lessons we have been investigating cave paintings and why the Stone Age people drew them. This has been an interesting debate as like many historians views differ, so do ours. We then turned ‘Artists’ and had a go at drawing our own Cave Paintings (Essentially, we laid on the classroom floor and drew on the paper attached to the underside of our desks!) The children absolutely loved this concept and their finished artwork is very nice.

In Maths we are coming to the end of our multiplication and division block and have started the formal end of block testing. We have challenged ourselves and some have risen to the challenge well with ‘Grid Method’ for multiplication and ‘Bus stop’ method for division.

Exploring the Stone Age…

This week in Neptune Class we have started to explore the Stone Age. The children have loved beginning to explore the concept of ‘Prehistory’ and have found it incredibly interesting how early man painted caves and gathered food. In Geography we have started to look at where the early settlements have been found.

In Literacy, we have turned our attention to Newspaper reports where we will be starting to write our own based on a Stone Age discovery. This week we have been retrieving information and note taking to help with expanding our history knowledge so we can then ‘Inform the reader,’ with our interesting Newspaper reports.

In Maths, We have been looking at the formal method for multiplication and the class are doing very well. They seem to be enjoying this more methodical approach in Maths and this will continue into next week before we start looking at the more formal method of Division.

In Challenge time the children have been ‘Code breaking!’, designing our own board games, locating different locations and writing our own stories with the character Manfred the Mammoth.

A new beginning….

The children have settled in nicely to the New Year in Neptune Class and it has certainly been a busy one as we have been learning ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ for the Poetry Slam this afternoon, it is with great pleasure to announce that we came second in KS2. The children have worked incredibly hard to achieve this and it was very well deserved.

In Maths this week we have been looking at multiplication and division and this will continue for the next two weeks as we move towards a more formal method for both.

He’s behind you!!

This week in class we have had an action packed one! from formal Maths and Reading assessments to the less formal Pantomime in Chelmsford, where the children were very well behaved and had a fantastic time.

In Maths we have continued with our Multiplication and Division and this will continue into the New Year as we move towards the more formal methods to solve problems.

We had a day of writing our Explanation texts and they are starting to look fab! We started with planning, then editing and then the final published pieces. These final pieces will be displayed around the school.

The Recorders group performed their final pieces on Friday where they enjoyed visiting various classes to show their skills, whilst the Forest School group enjoyed a visit from an Assessor from Cambridge Forest Schools. The children loved making their potions and one even had a ‘Christmas Spirit’ potion!

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit with them every day next week as we will be enjoying a week full of festive activities. There is no formal spellings next week.

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