A week of reflection…

This week started with a poignant 2 minutes silence as we remembered those who have fought and continue to serve our Country, as it was Remembrance Day. We then created our own artwork inspired by Georgia O’Keefe and her famous ‘Poppy’ creation. The children have simply excelled in these pieces of work and I’m sure that you will agree how wonderful their artwork is.

In Maths, we have started to concentrate on ‘Multiplication and Division’ here we are consolidating our previous learning and drawing ‘Arrays’ to support our thinking. We have also been working hard in our problem solving challenges, after all it is Barvember after all! Some of the children have found these challenges hard but they have all proven to be resilient as they haven’t given up, even when the challenges are tricky!

In Literacy, we have continued learning about different Fables and have started to change the endings this will continue into next week where we will be planning our own Fables ready for our ‘Hot tasks’. Our grammar focus this week has been subordinate clauses and the rules that apply to direct speech. The children have loved making their own comic strips to enforce these rules.

At light speed…..

Within the blind of an eye the week has passed very quickly! We have started our new experience ‘Shadow puppet fables,’ where we will be exploring the concept of light in science and fables within literacy.

The children have loved starting to learn about fables and they are beginning to think about the key features of a fable along with ideas for their own.

In Maths, we have finished our final week of addition and subtraction, where today we have been using these skills to solve worded problems. This has proved a tad tricky for some, while others found drawing the bar models as a representation a useful tool.

In our experience lessons we launched our experience with lots of science experiments based on light. We have identified that there are 7 different colours of light that form white light. We are continuing with this theme for the next couple of weeks.

In music, we have started to look at the song ‘3 little birds,’ by Bob Marley. It is lovely to see the children enjoying music and starting to recognise the pulse and beat. Neptune class can certainly dance a wide variety of moves!!

Today we have started our ‘Remembrance Parade,’ stained glass windows and stones, we will continue to perfect these on Monday.

A well earned rest…

This week the children have worked extremely hard in all subjects. With half term on the horizon we have completed lots of mini assessments including spellings, maths and reading. There have been some promising results and some silly mistakes made – we will be working together to ensure that we read the question carefully before rushing our answers. On the whole, the children should be very pleased with themselves and certainly deserve the half term break.

In Science, we have been thinking about why the science experiment behaved as it did and relating this to our knowledge of plants and their capillary action. Its lovely to see the children trying to figure out what happened in the experiment and linking this to their prior knowledge about the world.

In Literacy we completed our ‘Hot Tasks,’ these we based on our trip to Holy Cross Church in Felsted. The children really thought very hard about the layout of their work and their handwriting is coming along nicely.

During our Maths lessons we have been working hard on addition and subtraction and using pictorial representations to help us with our thinking. These conceptual representations will help them in the future when they start looking at bigger numbers.

In ICT we have been using the App – iMovie, where we have created our own film trailers based on our learning ‘Voices in Felsted’, and today we have shared our learning with Year 4. The children have worked very hard and have produced some very good film trailers worthy of the big screen!

This leaves me to wish you all a restful break and enjoy the half term.

A week full of Science and Art

This week in Neptune class we have been working incredibly hard on our sketching skills. We have learnt how our sketching pencils correctly allowing us to start experimenting with edges and shading. The children have loved these afternoons and it has been amazing to see how proud they are of their final drawings.

In Science, we have continued with our experiments and investigations as to how water is transported in plants. We have set up 2 experiments within the classroom this afternoon and we are all eager to see the results on Monday.

In Literacy, we have been looking at various different prefixes and how they change the ‘Root,’ word. We have then been applying these in sentences and working on our prediction/inference skills.

In Maths, We have been working on addition and subtraction using both pictorial and abstract representations. We will continue with this into next week as the ‘exchanging’ concept from tens to ones or hundreds to ones is proving a tad tricky for some.

An Autumnal walk….

This week we enjoyed a beautiful autumnal walk to Holy Cross Church in Felsted. The weather was glorious as we strolled across the fields and the childrens sketches of the Church and the surrounding area are absolutely stunning. Not only was our visit to the church part of our RE focus but the information gained about the church and Christianity will then help us with our “Information texts,” in Literacy. Next week will see us starting to plan our own information text using the structure that we have previously identified in the model text we have been looking at.

In Maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction using 3 digit and 1 digit numbers. It is incredibly important that children are able to use a bar model to process these operations rather than exploring just the abstract concept. We will continue with this into next week.

A continuous cycle….

In Neptune this week we have been setting up our own Science experiments. We want to know what factors affect a plants growth. We are using cress and bean seeds to create our own factors to grow our seeds within. Some have chosen to put their experiments in the fridge, other in darkness and some have covered the seeds in a large layer of stone to see if the shoot will be able to overcome this challenge. On day 3 of our experiment we have started to notice some unusual findings. Lets see what the new week will hold.

We have also adopted a class plant and called him ‘Dobby,’ we have removed his leaves so we can observe how crucial a plants leaves are. The children have enjoyed making detailed drawings of their own weeds to label the different parts of a plant.

Our life cycle books….

In Literacy we have started to look at ‘Information texts’ this will continue to be our focus for the remainder of the term as we visit Felsted Church on Thursday. Here we will have a chance to look at the artefacts within the church linked to our RE objectives

In Maths, we are starting to look at addition and subtraction.

In a blink of an eye….

In a blink of an eye this week has flown past! We have been busy drafting our own stories based on the story ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Browne. Today we have finished the editing phase and I must say we have some budding writers in our midst. Early next week we will be writing these stories up in neat, thinking carefully about our handwriting.

In Maths we are continuing to look at place value and comparing numbers. We are also working hard at adding 1 more, 10 and 100 more. We have been addressing common misconceptions and using a lot of concrete resources to help form a pictorial representation.

PE this week saw Neptune class trying to master the skills of Dodgeball! We loved running around being the targets! We all had a throughly good time outside in the sunshine.

In our experience lessons we have been sketching using various different types of pencils. We have ‘Had a go,’ at hatching and cross hatching to show light and shadow. We have started to draw flowers and next week we will be sketching different buildings.

New beginnings…..

Welcome to Neptune’s class blog. Here you will be able to catch up on what we have been up to over the week and sometimes get a sneaky peak to the week ahead.

The children have begun to settle in nicely into our new classroom, our ‘Get Caught Reading’ display is coming along nicely – don’t forget to send your photos in ASAP.

In Year 3 we are concentrating on becoming ‘Independent’ learners, this means that we are responsible for changing our own reading books and ensuring that our tables and books are tidied away according to our ‘table names’. Each table has a constellation name and the children can work together to extend their Lunchtime by an additional 5 mins. This incentive to ‘Try our best!’ is certainly working and its lovely to see the children working together to achieve a common goal.

Formal testing of ‘Going for Gold’ and spellings will resume next week. Spellings have been emailed out and the Year 3 targets have been stuck into your child’s reading diary. Spellings will be posted weekly on the blog so please check this page for an up to date spelling list.

Over the past 9 days we have been incredibly busy getting to know each other and setting the boundaries for the year ahead. We have been concentrating on place value in Maths as this element is fundamental within our Maths journey and this will continue for another week. In Literacy we have been looking at the author Anthony Browne and his text – Voices in the Park. The children have loved this immersive book and they keep spotting different images everytime we open the book. Next week we will begin to plan our own stories based on the different ‘Voices’ inspired by Anthony Browne.

In our experience lessons we have begun to look at the land use of the local area. We walked to the Flitch way and sketched the ‘Human and physical’ features.

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